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Walk-in Freezer Floors: Why Do You Need Them?

Walk-in freezers and walk-in freezer floors are an indispensable part of foodservice businesses. Walk-in freezers provide safe storage of food products. Most walk-in floors are designed to prevent mold and bacterial formation. Highly insulated walk-in freezer floors also save energy and electricity bills.

Deep Frying Essentials: Best Oil to Fry Fish in

The type of oil used for frying fish can determine its taste and texture. Choose cooking oils with a high smoke point for deep-frying fish. Opt for neutral-flavored cooking oil like peanut oil, canola oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, or coconut oil.

What is Pinsa?: Your Guide to Understanding Pizza’s Healthier Alternative

While pizza remains one of the most popular exports from Italy to the world, it has a healthier, possibly more delicious cousin that dates back to imperial Rome. The pinsa, as it’s called, is a different take on traditional pies and has just begun gaining popularity outside of Italy.

A Comprehensive Guide to Baking Tools and Equipment

Baked food is a mainstay in several food service establishments. Ensuring your baking section is well-stocked will help you prepare quality loaves of bread, bake delicious cakes, and line your displays with irresistible muffins & cookies.

Farm-Raised Vs. Wild-Caught Fish: The Essential Differences Between the Two

Farm-raised fish are commercially grown on farms. On the other hand, wild-caught fish are caught in natural environments. The diet of wild-caught fish is more versatile than farm-raised fish.

Molecular Gastronomy: Definition, Techniques, and Examples

Molecular gastronomy is a progressive cuisine that is essentially a blend of science and the art of cooking. In molecular gastronomy, the chemical and physiological changes are used efficiently to create contemporary dishes.

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Cream cheese is a favorite addition to dozens of different recipes and is even an excellent spread on its own. Whether you enjoy traditional cream cheese or a fun flavored option, it is essential that you know the answer to one vital question:  how long does cream cheese last?

How to Build a Walk-in Freezer?

A commercial walk-in freezer or a walk-in freezer has become an integral part of restaurants, institutional kitchens, food joints, and other commercial food establishments. Commercial kitchens or food establishments require walk-in freezers to keep food products at ideal temperatures. Building a walk-in freezer instead of buying a commercial freezer can be commercially viable. In this blog, we discuss how to build a walk-in freezer, things to consider when building a walk-in freezer, and a comparison between commercial walk-in freezers and DIY walk-in freezers.

Hard Cheese Storage: How to Store Gouda, Parmesan, Mozzarella Cheese, and More

Cheese is a delicious component of many meals, but it can be tricky to know how to save cheese properly. The type of cheese you buy will determine how and where you should store it.

How to Stop Mold in Walk-in Coolers

Most commercial kitchens, food manufacturers, and other food businesses try different ways to prevent mold formation. Mold can affect building surfaces, products, and the environment. Mold in the freezer can lead to huge losses for food businesses. Mold can spread through the air and surface contact. It can cause mold-related illnesses, lead to health and safety violations, and damage food products completely. Mold in walk-in coolers occurs when the humidity level inside the cooler or freezer goes above 70%. Yearly maintenance or cleaning your walk-in unit can help you get rid of mold. In this article, we discuss what mold is, ways to identify mold growth, causes behind mold formation in the fridge, ways to prevent mold in the refrigerator, the ideal temperature for mold prevention, steps to get rid of mold, and the dangers of mold development.

The Best Restaurant Appetizer Ideas For Your Restaurant or Food Establishment

In this article, we discuss the best restaurant appetizers menu, healthy restaurant appetizer menu, everything one must know about restaurant appetizers, and the list of essential equipment needed to make restaurant appetizers.